Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Top 100 Comic Blogs to Follow in 2013

No, I'm not on the list, but a few of my favorites are, including the Collected Comics Library (coming in at #56) where you can find the complete list. Topping the list, to no one's surprise, is Comic Book Resources, which contains an insane amount of information. I mainly access it for their comic book reviews, but you can spend hours days here without realizing it. (Proceed at your own risk!) 

The list (compiled by Coupon Audit) doesn't really spell out what criteria was used in picking or ranking blogs/sites, although the number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans is included on each site. Some have neither, so maybe the rankings are determined by a combination of Twitter, Facebook and hits. Either way, there's some great stuff to be explored on the list, many of which were previously unknown to me. 

Things have been pretty busy here at Graphic Novel Universe (mostly due to school), but I hope to post a couple of reviews soon. Stay tuned!

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