Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Indisputable Evidence That I Was a Batman/SF Reader at an Early Age

While I'm catching up a bit, getting ready to post a couple of graphic novel reviews soon,  I thought it might be fun to pass along a little evidence that I've been a Batman/sf reader since, oh, around age 3 or 4. My brother - several years older than me - always had lots of cool books on his shelf, just waiting on my grubby little hands (and pen). I'm sure this was not the only time my creative urges resulted in the defacing of one of his books. (Sorry about that, bro!) Thanks to my brother Bob for providing the pictorial evidence and the text for this post!


I’m guessing that these footnotes to the E.R. Burroughs novel were made circa 1966.

The novel in question:

(Photos are attached in a larger view format for historical accuracy.  Red BIC pens, relatively new on the then market, add a certain flair to these annotations.)

The #2 photo seems to be merely practice for #3; the artist honing his craft, as it were.

The #3 photo is the main event, showcasing the blossoming skills, both editorial and artistic.

In #4 (page 71) the reference to “Ron” is a bit unclear but perhaps ties in somehow with the missing “a” in “Batman.” 

The significance of the editorial license taken with this edition has changed over time, enhancing rather than detracting from the value of this tome. 

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