Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Mighty Thor Omnibus Vol. 2 Announced

Well, I don't know if "announced" is exactly the most appropriate term, since I was surfing through my "Andy's Recommendations" on Amazon yesterday when I discovered this: Marvel plans to release The Mighty Thor Omnibus Vol. 2 on August 27, 2013. This volume of 768 (projected) pages is slated to include:

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #121-125
Thor (1966) #126-152
Thor Annual (1966) #2
Not Brand Echh (1967) #3

The retail price: $99.99 with Amazon taking pre-orders for $76.84. (No doubt you'll be able to get it from In Stock Trades, Cheap Graphic Novels, and other like venues.) 

This volume should be a lot of fun. I've greatly enjoyed the first volume of the Essential Thor and am looking forward to the second Essential Thor volume (which has been sitting on my shelf for several weeks), much of which will be included in this omnibus edition, but in color and on much better paper than the Essential editions. 

My question is which cover will Marvel choose for this omnibus edition? (And, of course, which cover will the variant cover "vary" from?) I've chosen a few of my favorite choices, any of which I'd be delighted to adorn the front of this new omnibus edition. Your thoughts? 

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