Saturday, February 16, 2013

On the Horizon

Lots of items of interest have come my way recently. The one I'm most excited about is this from the Collected Comics Library's recent installment of their 6 Collected Editions Worthy of Your Attention feature, the American Comic Book Chronicles, 1960-64 by John Wells. I've only perused it so far, but if you're into comic book history at all, you should pick this one up. Gorgeous artwork on every page; I'm confident the text does not disappoint, either. 

Continuing my exploration of collected comic strips (courtesy of interlibrary loan), we have Rip Kirby, the First Modern Detective: The Complete Strips 1946-1947

Next, I discovered Matt Kindt's Super Spy on-the-cheap at a used bookstore today. I absolutely love Kindt's current Mind Mgmt series (previously discussed here), so I'm sure 2007's Super Spy will not disappoint. 

The other day at the library, I noticed someone had donated this mass market paperback of The Empire Strikes Back, which I figured was a movie novelization. Not so. This is a graphic novel of the Marvel Comics treatment of the film adapted by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson, based on the screenplay by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan in, guess when? 1980! This should be fun.

I also decided to pick up a copy of Brian Wood's new Star Wars #1. I've never, I mean never read a Star Wars comic before, so this will be quite an adventure for me. This is actually a second printing of the first issue, which I actually like even more, since the cover carries no title or artist information. Hey, who needs it? It's Star Wars, instantly recognizable! Did the Beatles need title and artist information for the cover of Abbey Road? I rest my case. 

So, let me know what collected editions (or single comics) are on your radar. 

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