Tuesday, February 5, 2013

He Tasks Me!

Or rather, they - meaning Fantagraphics Books - task me. I received an email from them this morning announcing several upcoming titles, several of which intrigue me....

The Grammar of Rock: Art and Artlessness in 20th Century Pop Lyrics by Alexander Theroux looks like an entertaining (and quite possibly scathing) look at pop music lyrics from Cole Porter to the Clash and beyond. From the pdfs and screen shots, this hardcover appears to be text only, which is - at least to me - preferable to a graphic novel rendering of the subject. I'm hoping the library will get a copy of this one so I can look it over before spending any $$$.

Although I lived in Texas for over four years, I know next to nothing about Texas history. Learning history from graphic novels is probably frowned upon in academic circles, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right? Jack Jackson's American History: Los Tejanos & Lost Cause certainly looks like a great place to start. Check out Jackson's incredible black and white art on the pdf pages.

I've never been able to lay my hands on Hal Foster's Prince Valiant Vol. 1 (which will be reprinted in May), but I've thumbed through other volumes at bookstores. Vol. 6 will be out from Fantagraphics soon. If you've never seen Foster's work on Prince Valiant, just take a look at the pdfs in the link. Absolutely gorgeous stuff. Again, this looks like one I'll need to pick up on interlibrary loan. 

Darn those Fantagraphics guys.... 

So..... Who's tasking you these days? (Hopefully not Khan...) 

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