Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's Wednesday... 8/6/14

It’s Wednesday...

I don’t know about you, but my wallet could potentially take quite a hit today... Here’s what I’m considering with single issues and trades: 

Terminal Hero #1 - Peter Milligan, Piotr Kowalski (Dynamite)

A doctor named Rory - who has an inoperable brain tumor - seeks a remedy in the form of Treatment Q, a top secret government treatment. What happens next? I’ll find out later today.

NIghtworld #1 - Adam McGovern, Paolo Leandri (Image)

This Kirby-inspired title looks like a little bit of everything: action, adventure, humor, monsters, a haunted castle, a sad demon, who knows what else? The first in a four-part series. 


Rocket Raccoon #1 and #2


Legendary Star Lord #1 and #2

I missed the first issue of both of these Marvel titles, and after watching Guardians of the Galaxy, I think I want to check them out. 

Displaced Persons is an original graphic novel from Image by Derek McCulloch and Pnthony Peruzzo, a look at different people, times and crimes in the San Francisco area. 

Jeff Lemire’s Trillium (Vertigo)

It’s Lemire. Say no more: I'm there.

The Bunker Vol. 1 - Joshua Hale Fialkov, Joe Infurnari (Oni)

I’m sort of on the fence about this one... I enjoyed the first issue, but wasn’t really knocked out. We’ll see how the funds hold up today. 

Fun with Kirk and Spock - Robb Pearlman

This looks cool - a snarky Star Trek picture book for adults! (Cider Mill Press)

Film Noir 101: The 101 Best Film Noir Posters from the 1940s-1950s - Mark Fertig (Fantagraphics)

I've actually already bought this one, as I contributed to the Fantagraphics Kickstarter campaign last year. Eager to get this one soon. 

Be sure to tell me what you plan to pick up today.

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