Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's Wednesday... 9/17/14

Since I spent a significant amount of $ at SPX this past weekend, I won't be going to the comic shop today.... But if did go, here's what would be on my radar:

Okay, I'm cheating a bit here since I already picked up Michel Fiffe's Copra Round One at the Baltimore Comic Con (where I also met and greatly enjoyed talking with/interviewing Fiffe). This volume collects the first six amazing issues of Copra (Bergen Street Comics), a book you should run out and get right now if you haven't already. Superheroes, action, mayhem, and boundless energy. This is a great book - do not miss it! 

I only read the first book of Michael Moorcock's Elric series many years ago, so I'm hoping to start Elric: The Ruby Throne, the first in the graphic novel series from Titan Comics. I'm somewhat surprised that this one comes in at a slim 64 pages, but hey, I'm onboard.

Who out there is not reading Peter Panzerfaust? C'mon, raise your hands... You in the back, there - you haven't read it, have you? Didn't think so... Your assignment is to read Peter Panzerfaust (Image) starting with Vol. 1: The Great Escape, then catch up to the newest volume, Vol. 4: Hunt

So tell me what's on your radar for today....

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