Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's Wednesday... 11/5/14

Let's see what's waiting for us today...

Velvet #8 
Two words: Brubaker. Epting. Now hand over your $3.50 and get to reading this great series. 

The New York Four by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly is being reissued by Dark Horse this week in a comprehensive trade paperback edition. Although I’m a Brian Wood fan, I confess that I’ve never read this before, but will soon.

Lots of folks (me included) have been awaiting this hardcover edition of The Wake by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy (Vertigo) which includes the complete 10-issue story. 

Looks cute, doesn’t he? I’ve read enough of Gabriel Hardman’s Kinski online to know that it’s a must-buy. Read more about it here.   

And although this one’s been out for a few weeks, The Warren Commission: A Graphic Investigation into the Kennedy Assassination could’ve easily slipped under your radar. You can read my review of it here.  

That’s it for me. How about you? 

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