Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Wednesday... 6/18/14

Just a few individual issues I plan to pick up today:

The Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips series Fatale is - sadly - almost over. Fatale #23 releases today, and while I’ve mainly been purchasing this title in trade paperback, I do want to pick up the last couple of issues, mainly because of the nice extras that aren’t included in the collected editions. 

Yet all is not lost! Brubaker/Phillips fans will be glad to know that their next series The Fade Out will begin later this summer. 

Next, I’ve owned the script of Harlan Ellison’s original version of the Star Trek classic “The City on the Edge of Forever” almost forever. I’m interested to see how writers Scott Tipton and David Tipton and artist J.K. Woodward will handle this five-issue limited series. (The Juan Ortiz cover alone is enough to sell me on it.) 

I’m very much enjoying Dan Slott and Michael Allred’s current run on Silver Surfer, a cosmic, fun, and sometimes goofy title. Good stuff. 

As far as the trades go, the only one I’m definitely planning on picking up is the first trade of Velvet: Before the Living End (collecting Velvet #1-5). Why? 

It’s a spy comic. 

It’s Brubaker.

It’s Image.

It’s $9.99.

I’ll also take look at Peter Kuper’s The System (a re-release of a graphic novel originally published in 1997), but it may have to wait.  

Be sure to tell me what you plan to pick up today.

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