Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Evil Penguin Plan (2012) Maxwell Eaton III

Ace and Bub, the flying beaver brothers, are always up for some adventures. Well, actually that's not true: Ace is ready for any adventure, especially those related to extreme sports, but Bub is, unfortunately, addicted to napping. All. The. Time. When a group of penguins seeks to freeze Beaver Island to make a polar resort, the brothers have to come up with a plan to stop the penguin shenanigans in time for the Beaver Island Surfing Competition. 

The Flying Beaver Brothers is extremely goofy, but lots of fun. Some of the panels may be a little confusing to young readers; many are from the point-of-view of the beavers while they're underwater looking up, but it's pretty easy to figure out. Good transition graphic novel to get younger kids interested in reading. Check out Eaton's website for more on this series. 


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